Written by Denise Gary

Kids Need to Read would like to sincerely thank the fabulous Nathan Fillion Fans for their amazing fund drive in honor of Nathan Fillion’s birthday.  Fillion is a co-founder of Kids Need to Read, so the Fillion Fans group decided to celebrate by posting a Facebook event benefiting KNTR. Fillion Fans for Kids Need to Read ran from February 2nd through March 27th, the actor’s birthday.  An incredible $1,066 was raised for the foundation, a testament to the warmth and enthusiasm of this great group!  A birthday card filled with well-wishes from the participants was delivered to the star of the ABC hit show, Castle.  Fillion and Kids Need to Read are not the only ones who received great presents during the event. Three lucky people won cool, signed giveaways as part of the celebration:

But the best present of all will be delivered in the future, when Kids Need to Read uses the group’s donations to help another group – impoverished kids.  An act of kindness has a way of multiplying and bringing happiness to many.

I was given another chance to thank Fillion Fans for Kids Need to Read, and that was during a podcast interview with Casey Schultz for the charitable film project, Browncoats: Redemption.  I hope all of the Fillion Fans who participated in the fundraiser will have a listen, because not only do I discuss why our foundation’s work is so important, but I also explain how your particular contributions reached beyond your actual monetary donation.

Thank you from all of us at Kids Need to Read!


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  1. Kcat on March 30th, 2010 3:53 pm

    Denise, this is wonderful news! I’m so happy for you!

    I am grateful I was able to be part of this fundraiser, along with everyone else who gave. Bless you and all the KNTR folk and all the hard work you do to help kids. You are helping us change the world for the better.


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    […] Fillion Fans conducts fund drives in honor of their namesake’s birthday, beginning in 2010, when they raised $1,066 for KNTR! There were cool prize drawings and a birthday card was made for Fillion, star of ABC’s […]

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