by Denise Gary
Photographs © Robert Gary

Kids Need to Read provided background support during the creation of an anti-bullying music video, Make It Glow, by Hotboxx Academy. The video, which was released in October 2013, was filmed at various locations in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area utilizing local talent. The lyrics and video encourage kids to stand up to bullying, which was something we could really get behind, especially since it tied in so nicely with our organization’s Kids-N-Peace literacy program. Kids Need to Read loaned props, equipment, and moral support to the production, and some scenes in the extended version were filmed in the KNTR office.

Kids Need to Read staff photographer Robert Gary took photographs during filming of the major Halloween scenes that marvelously encapsulated the feel of the production, from rehearsal to dress rehearsal to filming. Here are some of our favorites!


Dress rehearsal:


Check out more of Robert’s superb photographs and, most especially, the inspiring Make It Glow videos!

Make It Glow [Official Video]

Make It Glow: A Short Film

Make It Glow Photo Gallery

Thank you, Hotboxx Academy and Project D, for allowing Kids Need to Read to be part of your grand creation!


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