My fellow nerds, geeks, and other people made of awesome, lend me your ears! Well, I really want all of you, but we can start with ears. Wait, you’re reading this … so I guess eyes? Right, well anyway … it’s that time again in Kids Need to Read land. That’s right … HOLIDAY AUCTION EXTRAVAGANZA TIME! I know it is a bit early this year, but we have so much AWESOMENESS we have to start now! We are going to be launching our first auction set on Monday, November 11th, and we will run through Thursday December 12th. We will be running two, three-day auctions at a time … yeah … that much stuff! We will also have a number of Buy it Now items available, as well.

Now, I can’t give you dates, because where would the fun be in that? BUT I will tell you what we have up for auction/purchase. Check it out, peeps:



As if that was not good enough, we also have our amazing Kids Need to Read items available for purchase, too!  Calendars, t-shirts, art prints, peace purses, copper cuffs and bookmarks, you name it we have it! Guys, I am telling you, there is no need to go anywhere else for your holiday shopping. We have you covered!

So kick back with your favorite laptop and click away! Your list will be done in no time (AND NO MALLS) and you will help us spread the love of reading to many more children across the United States. Happy shopping!


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