The Kids Need to Read Charity Auctions on eBay has two thrilling items on the block sure to please every fan of versatile actor Adam Baldwin, and his alter-ego from Firefly, Jayne Cobb. First, an 8″x10″, full-color, glossy photo of that burly mercenary, Jayne Cobb, signed by the actor who created him, Adam Baldwin. Along with the photo is a hand-knitted Jayne hat – the difficult to describe, but impossible to forget topper seen in the Firefly episode “The Message”. Who knows? If you dress yourself up, you may get taken out somewhere fun!

Bidding begins immediately and opens at $40.00. You can place your bid at .  Bids will be accepted until April 13, 2008.

Thank you to the generous KNTR supporters who donated both the photo and that singular hat! The money raised from this auction will be used to purchase books for schools, libraries and other literary institutions through Kids Need to Read, the charity project founded by author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion.


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