The alarm sounds.  You bound out of bed and grab the clothes you laid out the night before. Pulling your socks on and hopping one footed into the bathroom, you frantically brush your teeth and toss your hair into a hair clip.  ARGHHHH!  You forgot to pre-program the coffee pot! Oh well, Starbucks it is.  You grab your purse and race to your car.

The cold, crisp, autumn air hits your face.  You quickly unlock your car and jump in, start your engine, and slam your car into reverse.  CRASH!  When did they put a fire hydrant THERE? You should have made coffee.

And so Black Friday begins.

Kids Need to Read is here to help this holiday season.  Our 2011 Kids Need to Read eBay Holiday Store is open and waiting for you! To sweeten the deal, we are haveing a Black Friday Sale! We will be taking 20% off EVERYTHING in the store. The sale will start at midnight November 24th and will end at midnight November 25th.  We have items that will please any reader, sci-fi geek, comic book attack, or collectable junkie on your list.

Set those alarms and run—there is no walking on Black Friday—on over.  Fill your cart, check those names off your list, and help Kids Need to Read in our mission to provide books to disadvantaged children all over the United States!  Happy shopping!  Oh, and don’t forget to call your body shop about that bumper.


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