Here it is – the original DVD of Joss Whedon’s Serenity, the movie that proved the power of dedicated fans! Time and again Joss Whedon has credited the fans of his TV series Firefly for making this film a reality. After the early cancellation of Firefly, Joss vowed to complete the story. Buoyed by the unprecedented outpouring of support from the “flans,” he was able to make that vision come true. We are auctioning a Very Special Edition of Serenity – because this copy is signed by both Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk!

This is the original widescreen edition released in 2005. In addition to the movie itself, the features are must-haves for every Browncoat! They are: Deleted Scenes; Outtakes; “Future History: The Story of Earth That Was,” “What’s in a Firefly,” and “Re-lighting The Firefly” featurettes with Joss, the cast and crew; an essential “Introduction” by Joss; and the illuminating “Director’s Commentary.”

Our thanks go to Nathan and Alan for signing this copy of Serenity and to a kind supporter of Kids Need to Read for donating the DVD.

Bidding begins immediately and opens at $30.00. Please use the following link to place your bid: . Bids will be accepted until March 7, 2008.

All proceeds from this auction go to support Kids Need to Read, the charity project founded by author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion, in its ongoing efforts to get books to children who need them.


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