By Denise Gary Photographs © Robert Gary They came from Loompaland . . . innumerable Oompa Loompas . . . inundating The Royale Cinema in Mesa, Arizona this past weekend with their mischievous merrymaking! There were no Snozzwangers or Whangdoodles present to spoil the boisterous revelry. The cinema was packed with roisterers, who came to […]

By Denise Gary There is just something about KNTR co-founder Nathan Fillion that produces warm-hearted fans. Not only did fans of Fillion help get Kids Need to Read off the ground four years ago, but a new group of his appreciators has been supporting Kids Need to Read for the past two years. Nathan Fillion […]

The Edwin P. Hubble Medal of Initiative will be presented to PJ Haarsma, Denise Gary, and Nathan Fillion for their work in founding Kids Need to Read to provide literacy resources to disadvantaged children and adolescents throughout the United States. The award is Marshfield, Missouri’s highest honor and is presented annually to those who have […]

By Denise Gary Photographs © Robert Gary I like to think of KNTR books as small embers. Each one has the potential to erupt into a bright flame for a kid that I will never meet. I love that idea – of indirectly changing the life of someone I will never know. But on occasion, […]

Written by Denise Gary Responding to the increased need for schools and communities to provide violence prevention programs to their youth, Kids Need to Read has created Peace Packages for every school, library, and literacy program receiving our books. KNTR Peace Packages are designed to provide children of all ages with alternatives to aggression. The […]

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