Written by Laura McConnell When good friends get together, stories are always told. And when those good friends happen to be actor Nathan Fillion and author PJ Haarsma, the talk often turns to Firefly, Castle, and The Softwire – especially when they are doing an interview and the interviewer is none other than Matt Blum […]

Written by Laura McConnell They say that change is the only constant, and nowhere is that more obvious than with growth.  Children change from one day to the next, and no amount of negotiation can halt that.  And so it is in all of life. Growth is truly an ongoing process in everything we do.  […]

Kids Need to Read Auctions offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  It’s your chance to own an autographed, advance reading copy of PJ Haarsma’s fourth book in his science fiction series The Softwire: Awakening on Orbis 4.  This much-anticipated book will not be available for purchase ANYWHERE until March 2010. This amazing sci-fi series careens to a […]

Written by Denise Gary If you grew up attending school in middle or upper class neighborhoods, stop for a moment and think how differently your life might have turned out had you attended a school which had fewer books in its library collection than the number of students enrolled per school year.  What if every […]

Written by Erin Casey Kids Need to Read gives books to schools and libraries that serve underprivileged children.  Many people donate money to help disadvantaged children, but why does stocking their schools and libraries matter?  Why not use all funds to provide food or clothes?  Books, as much as many bibliophiles would like to deny […]

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