Written By Denise Gary Photographs © Bruce Matsunaga Because there is a common misconception that all video games are bad for kids, many adults do not realize that there are video games that inspire creativity and resourcefulness.  It cannot be denied that kids love to play them.  Why not put that spark to work toward […]

– Written by Laura McConnell It seems to me that nearly all news is bad news. It’s hard for people who do their jobs quietly and steadily to get the recognition they deserve, and organizations that try to make the world a better place rarely garner media attention. But thankfully that’s not always the case, […]

Hello, you.  Time for another “Byte” today! But before that, SCHOOL’S OUT!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!! SUMMER VACATION!!!  That’s good for me. Anyway, back to “Book Bytes.” I’m reviewing The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton (if you didn’t know, because for some reason, you did not read the title). Now, I did not pick the book myself; I had […]

Written by Laura McConnell Photograph ©Don McMillan They say that opposites attract.  In physics and chemistry, that’s very true.  But with human beings, maybe we need to re-examine this idea.  Perhaps “like attracts like” is more accurate, at least where graphic artists are concerned. When the charity event Can’t Stop the Serenity needed a design […]

Kids Need to Read Auctions has some new items up for grabs. First up, we have five signed copies of the Limited Edition Serenity: Better Days #1 Exclusive Variant comic book.  These special comics feature Will Conrad’s rare Dark Horse 100 cover, but in its pencil art form.  These comics were a joint venture between […]

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