Kids Need to Read Charity Auctions presents a collection of books sure to please every kid, or the kid inside every adult. Humor, pop culture and plenty of monsters come together in these fun and imaginative books for all ages. All three books are autographed by illustrator and graphic designer Daniel M. Davis. Caught Creatures […]

We had another busy month over on eBay. Kids Need to Read would like to thank everyone who bid on our auctions as well as our winners. This month’s winners are: marmalade12: $51.00 for the Nathan Fillion signed White Noise (Aussie) DVD suzebtrekker: $25.00 for the James A. Owen signed The Search for the Red […]

The Kids Need to Read Charity Auctions on eBay comes to you with a rare offering – a French edition of Frank Beddor’s award-winning first novel, The Looking Glass Wars (or in this case, Les Guerres du Miroir!). The volume is signed by Mr. Beddor and comes packaged with a host of other LGW-related goodies: […]

Who wouldn’t want a companion like this? Kids Need to Read Charity Auctions offer one of our very own Terrify’n Space Monkeys; this one is signed by Morena Baccarin. Morena is the wonderful actress who brought such style, grace and elegance to the character Inara Serra in Firefly and Serenity. This furry charmer is a […]

Kids Need to Read Charity Auctions on eBay has a heavenly collectible for comic book enthusiasts – Issues 1 through 4 of the Wall of Angels series, bound into a single volume and signed by creator and writer Anthony Garcia. Come explore a universe where mythology and technology overlap, where science exits side-by-side with superstition, […]

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