Highlights magazine—you probably recognize the brand immediately. You likely spent time reading the magazines when you were a child. You may read them now to beloved children in your life: children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, godchildren…. The magazines have the power to lull the most reluctant of readers into opening up the cover and getting lost in the world of puzzles, brain games and reading. They are magic!

Imagine, now, the world of a child living under challenging circumstances—one who does not own a single book, who sometimes goes hungry or without heat, who has never had the opportunity to see such a marvelous magazine. Consider the hurdles they face to become a productive member of our shared communities. Then envision the wonder they feel when a Highlights or Highlights High Five magazine is placed into their hands to keep as a precious possession. What usually follows is this:



The magazines are powerful! For this reason, Highlights and Highlights High Five magazines have become a crucial part of all of Kids Need to Read’s programs. Everywhere we go, everywhere we give, a Highlights or Highlights High Five magazine is put into every child’s hands. Inevitably, each youngster is drawn inside its covers to read and be inspired. What a magnificent tool in our work to help kids discover the power and joy of literacy!

You can help us continue to provide this exceptional magazine to disadvantaged children throughout the nation by joining our fourth annual #GivingTuesday partnership with Highlights. For every subscription ordered on Tuesday, November 28th, Kids Need to Read will receive twelve copies to give to children in need of vital reading resources. Last year, we received 40,000 magazines valued at $200,000, so this is a highly impactful endeavor! Please share the news and support this important drive, while providing this wonderful resource to the children you love!

Click here to order Highlights subscriptions on November 28th only, #GivingTuesday! (Subscriptions to Highlights, Highlights High Five, Highlights High Five Bilingüe, and Highlights Hello are all included in the drive.) Plus, use code TUESDAY to take $10 off your subscription on that day.

Thank you, Highlights, for your generosity to Kids Need to Read and the disadvantaged children we serve!

You may also support Kids Need to Read’s literacy programs for children by making a #GivingTuesday contribution on our donation page.



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  1. Michelle Wilson on December 15th, 2017 12:55 pm

    What is the process to apply for FREE BOOKS? This is an inquity from a school. Please advise. Thanks. 901-609-3611

  2. Michelle Wilson on December 15th, 2017 12:56 pm

    Please call at 901-609-3611.

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