Taking place now through February 5, 2017

We are extremely excited to be raising funds during Birdies for Charity at the Waste Management Phoenix Open! You can help KNTR out enormously by pledging on birdies made during the golf tournament or through a straight donation. Typically, a one cent pledge per birdie results in a donation of about $15. When we reach $500 in total pledges, Kids Need to Read will earn a 10% bonus donation offered by Thunderbirds Charities.

Now you might be wondering, what is a birdie? A birdie occurs when a player scores one stroke under par of the hole. What is par? Par is the number of attempts it should take a player to complete a hole.

How do birdies equal funding for KNTR? Head over to the Birdies for Charity website, select Kids Need to Read in the drop down menu, and make a pledge. Every time a player makes a birdie during the Waste Management Phoenix Open, Kids Need to Read will benefit! You will receive a payment notification after the tournament is over. It is that easy!

Deadline is 5:00 PM on February 5th. Thank you for your support!


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