We at Kids Need to Read have something precious to share with you—the small, yet mighty moments that make our hearts soar. These moments occur while we are providing books to children who have little to call their own, after a presentation to caregivers, during a school program, or at an event where we are spreading awareness of our cause. It is a grandmother who approaches your tables piled high with irresistible books at the Navajo Nation Fair and explains that she never learned how to read, but her grandchildren are teaching her and may she please have a book. It is a teenage boy holding the book you have been speaking about (and given to each student in the class) telling you that never before would he have read such a book, but now he is inspired to live it. It is a teen father desperately asking if he can stop by Kids Need to Read to pick up a stuffed reading buddy for his toddler after hearing your presentation informing young parents of the necessity of reading aloud daily with their children. It is a tearful kindergarten teacher who cannot thank you enough for caring about giving something—anything, much less something so important—to children who are overlooked by everyone else. It is a dyslexic adult who comes to your convention booth to share that she has been observing Kids Need to Read for years and was so inspired, she finally enrolled in and graduated from college, despite her significant reading challenge. It is the unbridled enthusiasm of a child during story time who, despite being told by teachers to remain seated, can stand it no longer and hops up to fully participate in all of the rhymes and movements … followed a heartbeat later by her fellow classmates! And most of all, it is being among the children who want to read, who want more books, who cannot believe they are being given such treasure.

These moments tell us we are reaching people, young and old, through our passion and the support we receive from you and others who understand the enormous need to ensure children not only learn to read but love to read. Thank you for entrusting Kids Need to Read to assist children living under challenging circumstances and to inspire them to cherish the written word. Thank you for the honor. Thank you for the privilege.

We have good news! Recent studies have indicated the immense gap in academic performance between high- and low-income children has begun to narrow, with the school readiness gap of students entering kindergarten narrowing by 16% in reading. The consensus is that this is primarily a result of books being made available to children in areas where few had been before, including in their homes, and more parents in low socioeconomic areas becoming aware that reading with their children is a crucial activity. This is, of course, what we have all known is necessary all along. Children must have reading resources available to them, and caregivers must be intimately involved in the learning experience. This truth is at the heart of every program and event Kids Need to Read provides.

Will you continue to help Kids Need to Read to provide the vital literacy resources and program services necessary to support the needs of the bright and wonderful children we serve? Whether you can help with $25 or $1,000, your gift will assist in the provision of reading resources and programs for children who have little to no access to books. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Children need books to fire their imaginations and to develop necessary skills for future success. Families, teachers, librarians, and community organizations need books to facilitate their work. Teaming up with literacy partners and supporters like you to vigorously mitigate this issue head on, Kids Need to Read will continue to work on behalf of disadvantaged children by providing the books and programs they need to develop high reading proficiency levels. Thank you for helping to connect children with books for more literate, productive communities.

Most gratefully,

Denise Gary
Executive Director


P.S. We receive multiple requests for books every day from schools, libraries, and other service organizations located throughout the nation. We need your help to serve as many as possible. To make a contribution to assist Kids Need to Read in providing books and literacy programs to children, please visit our secure Donation page, or mail a check to the address below. We thank you sincerely for being a vital part of our efforts on behalf of children who lack access to books!

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