By Denise Gary Photos by Denise Gary One of my earliest childhood memories is reading a giant copy of Aesop’s Fables with my father. Every night, I craved to experience more of the exciting adventures and illustrations magically contained inside the covers of that magnificent book. Another early memory is of my first visit to […]

Greetings! As you know, Kids Need to Read sends books and provides literacy programs near and far, but nothing beats the special moments we spend directly with children, inspiring them to read and dream of an exciting future. Not too long ago, we visited a school for homeless children, reading with them and gifting each […]

Interview by Drew Adams Photos by Gloria Nguyen-Chambers, Gary Mlodzik, and Laura Haley One of the not-so-secret ingredients to the success of Kids Need to Read and the work we do is our highly valued team of volunteers. In an effort to show our appreciation and reflect upon their importance, we have interviewed some of […]

By Denise Gary Photo by Lori Cothrun Cox Charities has honored Kids Need to Read (KNTR) with a $6,000 grant award to be used toward the READ Together program. Funds dedicated to READ Together are used to implement the program in poorly funded schools located in low socioeconomic areas of the United States. KNTR chooses […]

There are many ways you can support Kids Need to Read throughout the holiday season. Some can be done through your regular shopping, costing nothing extra other than a moment of time. Take a look and please help us out in any way that works best for you: Donate directly to Kids Need to Read. […]