by Lori Cothrun, Operations Director Photographs © Lori Cothrun and Denise Gary Recently I hopped into my way back machine and was thinking about when I first met Denise Gary.  The previous year she had given me a Kids Need to Read (KNTR) business card and bookmark at Phoenix Comicon.  Though it took me some […]

by Denise Gary Photographs © Denise Gary The super-kind Ryan Leasure of Ryan Leasure Photography stopped by last week to deliver a spectacular surprise for the new Kids Need to Read office! The gift was a five-feet-long canvas-wrap fine art photograph depicting superheroes reading books in a beautiful library. The titles of the books correlate […]

by Denise Gary Photographs © Bruce Matsunaga, Robert Gary, Eric Fiallos, Joe Abbruscato, Carly Woolley, and Denise Gary The year 2014 was the fifth year Kids Need to Read was honored as the sponsored charity of Phoenix Comicon and when the convention ended, the adjective that filled my head over and over was “beautiful.” This […]