The kettle begins to whistle.  You cross the kitchen to make a hot cup of cider.  As you pour the water in your cup, the smell of cinnamon and apples fills the room.  You take a sip … and burn your lip, dropping the cup to the floor.  Great!  Now, you get to clean up […]

The trees rustle in a strong, cold autumn breeze.   Standing on your front porch, you watch as the leaves slowly float down to the ground.  You hear something in the distance.  Might it be a truck coming down your driveway?  You lose all composure.  Is it here?  Could it be?  You race to meet the […]

Written by Denise Gary Photographs © Denise Gary Wow! Incredibly, the holidays are upon us once again! It is still warm around these parts, so my thoughts of Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas trees have been drifting about rather lazily . . . that is, until I was paid a friendly visit by the community relations […]

Written by Denise Gary It’s Halloween and everyone loves scary stories, right? Who can resist the fun of ghosts, goblins, sorcerers, and witches? You can find lots of Halloween fun for only 99 cents in the new Halloween anthology, Every Witch Way but Wicked. Even better, proceeds from the sales of the eBook benefit Kids […]

Touch immortality and go down in literary history! Several critically acclaimed, bestselling authors are auctioning off character names to benefit Kids Need to Read, a national nonprofit foundation that promotes childhood literacy and addresses the crisis in library funding that currently exists in the United States.  If you are one of the winning bidders, you […]