Written by Denise Gary © Bruce Matsunaga There are moments in time when people should be allowed to indulge themselves. The KNTR Geek Prom at Phoenix Comicon 2011 was just such a moment. Sponsored by Bookmans, the event benefiting Kids Need to Read was “home” to a thousand Geeks for over four hours of blissful […]

Written by Denise Gary Photographs © Denise Gary Story Time with Hawk Eye, by April Grady-Reyna Ah, Free Comic Book Day, a time to pick up some great reads and rub elbows with those who fight evil every day. KNTR supports this annual, nationwide celebration with fervor, believing comics to be a powerful portal to […]

Reported by Little Bulldog Photographs © Robert Gary Accused of being a Wookiee and of harboring rebel spies, Kids Need to Read founder PJ Haarsma was taken into custody by Madalorian Mercs and thrown into jail, where he was mercilessly heckled and harassed for five minutes. The hapless author was taken by surprise while hawking […]