Written by Denise Gary Those who have had the good fortune of making the acquaintance of author, illustrator, and KNTR Advisory Council member James A. Owen have been blessed with the joy of listening to an extremely gifted storyteller. At first taken in by the author’s charm and sharp wit, soon a listener discovers there […]

Written by Rebecca Hipps With Earth Day quickly approaching, (Friday, April 22nd!) there are many ways we can inspire conservation and sustainability in the lives of our children or students through literature.  We can build on the innate love children have for nature and protecting its resources by exposing them to the powerful, action-inciting words […]

Written by Denise Gary Photographs © Robert Gary and Denise Gary I am privileged. My life has been enriched beyond measure by the company of a person possessing extraordinary skills and a unique perception of life – my son, who is challenged by Asperger’s syndrome, a condition that is part of the autism spectrum. Many […]

Written by Rebecca Hipps As a child, I loved to write.  I could always be found writing in my journal or creating stories, and had declared that someday I would be a great author.  As I got older and schoolwork or hobbies became more time consuming, I began to lose my dedication to writing.  My […]

Written by Debbie Brown Photographs © Robert Gary and Denise Gary The sun rose slowly over the desert. The air was quiet and still – well, except for the clanking of goblets and the sound of pirate-speak. The Arizona Renaissance Festival is one awesome experience! From the stunning costumes of the actors and cast, to […]