Greetings Kids Need to Read supporters! To all of you who contributed time, funds, or books to this organization in 2011, we thank you so very much for creating an absolutely magical year for KNTR! It is because of your belief in our work that we have been able to increase our program donations, as […]

Written by Denise Gary Photograph © Denise Gary Should there be any doubt that Browncoats and fans of Nathan Fillion are at the very heart of Kids Need to Read, I would like to share the details of their enormous contributions to our cause in 2011. The various fan projects and groups raised a total […]

Written by Denise Gary Photographs © Bruce Matsunaga and Denise Gary Kids Need to Read has been awarded a $2,020 grant from National Home Library Foundation to be used toward Reading Revolution, our pilot program aimed at increasing literacy rates and decreasing dropout rates among middle school students. Kids Need to Read and Arizona State […]

Written by Denise Gary Photographs © Denise Gary Video © James Blasingame The Kids Need to Read “Reading Revolution” program continued at ASU Preparatory Academy (Phoenix, Arizona) with an incredible student presentation in November. The students’ projects were based on their studies of The Softwire series, written by KNTR Founder PJ Haarsma. Teachers at ASU […]

Written by Denise Gary Photographs © Denise Gary The gnomes sat silently awaiting their fate. Their fate, you ask? To suffer the indignity of having their pointy hats ringed by happy, giggling fairies sporting glittery wings. From the tiniest . . . . . . to the most cool . . . . . . […]

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