Written by Denise Gary Photographs © Robert Gary and Steven Gary Who can resist Mr. and Ms. PAC-MAN?  When our friends at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange offered to throw KNTR a party to celebrate the opening of our new office, we knew it was time to light up the Geek Arch again!  It cheerfully welcomed the […]

Coffee in hand … check.  List in pocket … check.  Charge cards at the ready … check.  You’re ready to go, thinking bring it on! Standing in the freezing cold, early—and we mean early—morning air, you wait with three hundred of your “friends” for the doors to open.  “Remember, no mercy,” you think to yourself. […]

Written by Debbie Brown Kids Need to Read has a great way for you to support us this holiday season and all year long! We know that a lot of people (including ourselves) do most of their holiday shopping online. Kids Need to Read is one of the charities listed on iFundDrive.com, a website that […]

The alarm sounds.  You bound out of bed and grab the clothes you laid out the night before. Pulling your socks on and hopping one footed into the bathroom, you frantically brush your teeth and toss your hair into a hair clip.  ARGHHHH!  You forgot to pre-program the coffee pot! Oh well, Starbucks it is. […]

Written by Denise Gary Photographs © Denise Gary There is something magical about The Softwire series that transcends age.  These books chronicling the turmoil of orphaned kids caught up in the politics of an alien world seem to appeal equally to children and adults.  So it was no surprise to see a mixture of young […]

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