Written by Denise Gary Photographs ©Denise Gary This past summer, I had the pleasure of visiting Sam Garcia Western Avenue Library in Avondale, Arizona.  The library in this small community west of Phoenix had just received a large shipment of our books, so I decided to drop by and say hello.  I was given a […]

Hello KNTR Friends, Some of you may remember my Thank You for Caring! message not too long ago.  In it, I thanked all of you for voting for Kids Need to Read in The Christie Cookie $25,000 Charity Giveaway.  Even though we did not win the contest, I said we won big in another way […]

Written by Erin Casey From the Valley of the Sun to arguably the cloudiest place in the nation, Kids Need to Read is there for the bookless.  North Public Health Clinic in Seattle sought out Kids Need to Read to help provide books to their school-aged and young adult patients when they discovered most other […]

Written by Laura McConnell Hey, Los Angeles!  Halloween is fast approaching!  Do you have your costume ready?  What about your plans?  Is there a party in your future or are you going to chaperone the kiddies while they ferret out the best houses for candy? What’s that?  None of that is on your agenda?  You’re […]

Written by Laura McConnell It seems that in Hollywood these days, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Usually the loudmouths and bad boys get the press – but not always.  This past weekend, that trend was reversed by USA WEEKEND. USA WEEKEND is a Sunday supplemental magazine that is distributed in many newspapers.  Its cover […]

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