Holiday traditions are part of what make holidays special.  Whether the tradition is a favorite food or a special song, every family has unique holiday activities that help make celebrations memorable.  For one family in Santa Cruz, California, Christmas means a time of giving.  Each year, instead of exchanging presents, the Boone family gets together […]

When librarian Brenda Rodriguez moved back to her native Puerto Rico after living in the United States for some time, she discovered that her students at Borinquen Bilingual School and Sport Development Center in Aquadilla, did not have access to enough books appropriate for their reading levels.  Borinquen Bilingual School is an elementary school that […]

Kids Need to Read Charity Auctions presents a rare collectible for any fan of the long-running Stargate franchise! Check out this official canvas from the Chevron 7 Convention held in Northampton, England in June 2008. The canvas is autographed by well-known Stargate actors Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson), Christopher Judge (Teal’c), Gary Jones (Walter Harriman) […]