The idea that a little can go a long way is the driving force behind, a new website designed to help raise money for charity. The group challenges the geeks of the world to donate to charity just one percent of what they would normally spend attending science fiction conventions and events. That may […]

The Kids Need to Read Foundation has been blessed with many wonderful and interesting ways to raise needed funds since its creation, and our newest fundraiser is no exception. Kazia Hodges, a Kids Need to Read volunteer, has created a website called Healthy Giving. She hopes to use this tool to inspire her own personal […]

Alice Turner isn’t a librarian, or a teacher, or a parent, but she is someone who cares about her community.  Alice grew up in Red Bank, Tennessee, and she remembers how the local schools had difficulty providing books for their students to read.  Funding was low, and the schools struggled to foster an interest in […]

Chinese Cinderella is about a little girl (Adeline) living in Mainland China and how she is despised by everyone in her family (brothers, sisters, even her own dad) because Adeline’s mother died giving birth to her, and they think she is bad luck. When Adeline was one, her dad re-married a very vain, bitter woman […]

On May 4, 2007, a vicious tornado ripped through Greensburg, Kansas.  Ninety-five percent of this city of 1500 people was completely destroyed by the storm.  Months later, schools reopened in trailers, and the town is still rebuilding over a year and a half after the tornado.  There is little space for books in these improvised […]

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