Check out these podcasts for more information about what KNTR and the California Browncoats have planned for San Diego. From Sending a Wave: Denise Gary from Kids Need to Read and James Riley from the California Browncoats talk about the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. http://sendingawave. wordpress. com/2008/07/15/show-36-now-available/ From The Signal: James Riley of the California […]

Ferengi are wily, ingratiating, clever at business and would sell their grandmothers for a bar of latinum. The most famous Ferengi in the entire Start Trek universe is Quark, who had recurring roles in 3 different Star Trek series: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager. Now you can bid on an 8×10 full-color, […]

The 2007 Browncoat Cruise was a unique vacation/convention designed to allow fans of Firefly and Serenity to enjoy each other’s company in a cruise ship environment. Fans were able to get up-close-and-personal with an array of celebrity guests, including actor Ron Glass. Ron is beloved in the Firefly ‘verse as the enigmatic Shepherd Book – […]

Time for another blog! Whoop-dee-doo! Brandon Mull, the author of the Fablehaven series Whoop! I interviewed Brandon Mull on the 16th of June, and I’m still hyper from that vente-sized coffee my friend bought for us! Okay, he actually came on the 24th . . . of April . . . three days after his […]

When this guy says he’s “gellin,” he really means it! Perhaps the most physically unusual of the many Star Trek aliens was Odo Ital, the security chief on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Odo was a shape shifter who could appear humanoid, but when he wanted to relax, reverted to a pool of gelatinous liquid! […]

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