Higley Hijinx

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     PJ Haarsma and KNTR Volunteers Visit Higley Elementary and Middle School On January 25, 2008, Kids Need to Read volunteers Kristen Klein and Denise Gary were fortunate to be able to attend a PJ Haarsma school presentation for his book, The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1. We met up with PJ at Higley Elementary […]

  Monkey Madness Marches On! Kids Need to Read Charity Auctions has a rather seductive simian on the block – a Terrify’n Space Monkey signed by Christina Hendricks, the actress behind Firefly’s two-timing redhead, Yolanda . . . I mean, Saffron . . . no, wait, Bridget!! One of Firefly’s most popular guest stars, Christina was featured in both “Our Mrs. […]

Did you know that comic book and graphic novel collecting has grown so popular that it has its own name? “Panelology” is the study of comics as a medium and an art form, and has enthusiasts all over the globe. Judging by the over 125,000 fans that attend the San Diego Comic-Con each year, this […]

His Scottish brogue defined ship engineers for an entire generation of television viewers. Now Kids Need to Read Charity Auctions offers an 8×10 color photo of stalwart, Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the engine room of the USS Enterprise. We are fortunate indeed to have our photo signed by the man who played him, […]

We would like to thank the Northern Virginia Browncoats Meetup Group for conducting a raffle to benefit Kids Need to Read at the Farpoint 2008 convention. On Saturday, February 16, 2008, the NoVA Browncoats Meetup Group had a fan table where they raffled off various Firefly/Serenity themed goodies including a Serenity t-shirt, an Alan Tudyk […]

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