Written by Laura McConnell It seems that in Hollywood these days, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Usually the loudmouths and bad boys get the press – but not always.  This past weekend, that trend was reversed by USA WEEKEND. USA WEEKEND is a Sunday supplemental magazine that is distributed in many newspapers.  Its cover […]

Written by Denise Gary Kids Need to Read co-founder Nathan Fillion appears on the cover of the October 18th edition of USA WEEKEND to promote volunteerism in honor of the magazine’s annual event, Make A Difference Day.  The star of ABC’s Castle posed with three other actors from various networks to represent their favorite causes […]

The Kids Need to Read envoys have arrived in Atlanta and are busy setting up the booth in preparation for the start of Dragon*Con tomorrow.  By way of an excellent start to the convention, KNTR and Denise Gary were featured in an interview in the Daily Dragon, the official Dragon*Con online newspaper.  The interview highlights […]

– Written by Laura McConnell It seems to me that nearly all news is bad news. It’s hard for people who do their jobs quietly and steadily to get the recognition they deserve, and organizations that try to make the world a better place rarely garner media attention. But thankfully that’s not always the case, […]

Written by Denise Gary Photographs ©Denise Gary What would you do if your kids’ school had no library?  Well, if you were Jan Landis, Lynn Leih or Gail Promponas, you would take it upon yourself to create one.  Recognizing that no school is complete without a library, these ladies set themselves to finding shelves and […]

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