By Denise Gary Photo by Denise Gary Whenever I visit with young children on behalf of Kids Need to Read, one thing is always strikingly apparent—the unbridled love they have for life and the people they encounter. Even the children living under severely challenging conditions are open vessels of love, eager to get along and […]

by Denise Gary Photograph © Stephanie Pellegrin Video © PJ Haarsma With assistance from author PJ Haarsma (who is apparently some sort of Octopod), actor Nathan Fillion makes a gallant attempt to stump for KNTR in this “splasher” flick and . . . well . . . woe to his brand new shoes! Both gentlemen […]

Written by Denise Gary Thanks to the wonderful support we receive from the Phoenix area Star Wars groups, the Kids Need to Read banner will be riding atop the Star Wars float in this year’s Fiesta Bowl parade!  We could not be more excited to close out the year with our name and logo featured […]

Written by Denise Gary Kids Need to Read would like to sincerely thank the fabulous Nathan Fillion Fans for their amazing fund drive in honor of Nathan Fillion’s birthday.  Fillion is a co-founder of Kids Need to Read, so the Fillion Fans group decided to celebrate by posting a Facebook event benefiting KNTR. Fillion Fans […]

Written by Laura McConnell When good friends get together, stories are always told. And when those good friends happen to be actor Nathan Fillion and author PJ Haarsma, the talk often turns to Firefly, Castle, and The Softwire – especially when they are doing an interview and the interviewer is none other than Matt Blum […]

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